Sunday, November 13, 2011


haven't update blog for quite sometime now, well I guess it is now, since its getting sux inside me -.-"

Well hows work?normal nothing special, work as engineer must use brain like hell and documentation is something I don't really like. Too much wrong here there manager say I don't understand and bahhh what ever...

Starts with hanging around with my firends here. We have this trip to one of our class mate, a girl, whose supposed to be get married in a few weeks. So plan to go along together and have a good trip, I guess?yeah waiting for that day to come!another awesome trip to go with your friends!

But yeah, reality always sux. You see, yes I'm a single guy and did offended by their relationship though. First it was all 4 grown up men, who once I know a mentally break down and have fun a lot. Now one of us can't go, need to pick up GF and go straight to the wed. Then another one follow up with the same reason. Then next one also the same and last need to help gf moving out to her new house, and there's me only.

You see, its not like I look so pitiful, well it is actually. Always being pushed or challenge(challenge accepted!...not) for not having gf or anyone. Its not my fault I can't get one, its just too hard and I don't seem to attract to anyone...yet?They say my taste is too high, I didn't pick by their looks, whoever I feel I can have good and nice conversation maybe I can get along with her pretty well?who knows?But you see, hangig around with my friends, with all of em already got gf, well at early stage I don't mind but yeah, soon it sux....a lot. You can't do like you always do.

I don't blame them coz their gf don't let them do anything or go anywhere. Coz they would do the same to their gf. To not make any of them feel un-secured by outsider threat. But really, if things getting these worse(you can't hang out with your friends), then I don't think wasting my life in an oil rig such a waste of time? You don't have life you go to oil rig but yeah I saw the same thing here, why shouldn't I go there? To hang out, just a little chit chatting or enjoying ourselves, I don't think i see it right now

Yeah congrats friend you guys already in relationship while me wasting my time to find someone. Single guy can also be awesome, but the awesomeness only shows when you are around awesome people. So I guess its either I find lover, or just hang out with awesome guys.

And my decision to stay with the flow, to the awesomeness..

p/s:wait for end year bonus and I shall  make the move.     

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