Thursday, March 31, 2011

aigoo the ending of goguma couple :(

haih,it was a really good week,where i have nothing to do and only download goguma couple at,where the happiness stop when i start watching them. i stop following them at episode 39 then i cont' download until 50 part 1...

truthfully,its just like watching chunhee and yejin from FO season 1 go,dam it was hard and sad!in family outing,you watch them from episode 1 until 51. the fun they had together,the laugh they provide towards viewer and many more good memory, but seeing them depart at episode really sad,neomu2 sad :(. If you think im sissy then be it, i saw the bond and friendship they build during that period of time, and it was beautiful. after that FO is never be the same(though im still watching it) even though they change the family. the feeling is indescribable...

also why i don't watch Korean drama is because if it is too good,then the ending will definitely stuck into my head, just like Full House and recently Secret Garden, especially Secret Garden. The story is what i would say beautiful, the character has it uniqueness and both hero and heroin give the harmony kind of relation. suits with the background music and the environment, the speech, i give them more than 10 points! but to see the ending of it was like, oh man where can i get this kind of stuff nowadays?it was too priceless!hard to find,even if you go watch another korean drama this drama would stuck back at you....

so the same feeling with We Got Married Goguma Couple, how i watched them on the very 1st episode until episode 50 part 1, the relation they built, how yonghwa manage to take care of seohyun,uri maknae(our younger sis) and how he change seohyun to something normal(she didn't know whats love is!), yonghwa really did put a lot of effort. only watch the episode of 50 part 1, and saw how they want to remember the first day they met, dude that was totally rock it. back then all the memories flash back, it feels like i'm going to watch back this couple. and seohyun play guitar to their song,the Banmal song, aih... T_T. i like this couple because there are some kind of a healthy and yet nice and pure kind of relation. they are very shy for the skin ship(which more look like Eastern style),yonghwa like to joke around and they more like friend-kind-of-relationship but yet when it comes to romance it is totally romance. perghhh can't say no more bout this couple, they are truely innocent and pure!no wonder most people like them!

to see them depart,aih makes me lonely but to see them fooling at each other and act lovey dovey more hurt me coz i still search for one :P. hopefully they can continue this relationship like Adam couple,like couple before this, and live happily ever after.....goodbye goguma couple :(

p/s:going to treat my yongja chingu real good but first need to find one -.-"

Monday, March 28, 2011

tamat sudah praktikel~

finally!my industrial training is over!im going to have a nice holiday for a week!and after that maybe a month or 2 before i got some job,permanent job!and as engineer too!!heheee

well don't want to be too excited,coz i don't know my future yet and i did not send any resume yet!aigoo so lazy bum!all i want to do is to download yongseo couple and running man,aigoo aigoo so Korean freak laa you ni.anyway last weekend at Perodua was all about doing report and nothing much

haih,even though i got 1 week of hols but i don't know what to do is Monday so i already have a plan to go play bowling or watch movies with my friend,however this friend can't make it,so it was a bit depress since he didn't say he can't make it,in fact he make me wait 2-3 hours before i decide to say no for today. probably tomorrow i go and play bowling?i don't know,i want to find some nice jacket to cover my stomach too,its too big @_@

well anyone else has nothing to do this weekdays?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

practical @ perodua-minggu 11

greetings for those who read(i don't think so) and thank you for reading my blog(i really2 don't think people read it -.-")

its the 11th week!yay!holy crap i thought i couldn't make it until this days,where it was only a week before my practical training end!and voala i'll become an engineer!yay!but not that yay,probably ore work,more stress and i can't grow my hair that long,haizz~

neway for the week of 11th,i don't have that much task,nor helping staff members,so i just go and finish my slide for presentation. My SV now sooo like to tease me,because I am under his command so i can just be patient or else my mouth would go boom like always.heck yeah i like to mock people XD!but i can sense engineers are so common in 1 way,that is we are sengal as usual :P.he also mention 1 or two things bout my slide,and even teach me something valuable(though it was last minute teaching but still its valuable)

since its with the shift B this week,where it was my first shift since i arrived here at Perodua Tooling Department,so i go and belanja them roti canai lah.usually the trainee before this only belanja which shift their last week would be,but i want to belanja both lah.since i don't have that much of money so this is the only thing i can afford.but hell im gonna miss em very much :(

so for last week activities,not so much....3 month is sooo short :(

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Secret Garden drama Korea

ottoke ottoke!(macamane macamane~~~)

haa aku dah sangkut dan demam die dah melanda dah,demam drama Korea.kali nih,lepas agak keciwe sket dengan Marry me Marry,aku layan ah Secret Garden dan feeling die sebijik macam aku tak pernah layan Korea tibe-tibe layan Full House.Perghhhh best dol Secret Garden!serius!

macam full house tapi character hero&heroin ganas!!due-due memang ganas ah,cume hero ayat die memang tak boleh blah tapi machooo woo!pergh aku yang jantan nih beserte membe aku acknowldge die punye charisma dan macho!nak ajak naik kerete ayat die perghhh macam nak makan penyepak jeh,hahaha!heroin?stuntwomen,so memang boyish ah characternye,tapi as expected from Han Ji Won,die punye glare ngan pipi die yang chubby,pergh sape tak jatuh hati???

enough dengan perasaan aku dengan cerite basically crite nih pasal Kim Joo Woon(Hyun Bin) seorang laki kaye jadi hairan dan ajaib bile dan bagaimana die boleh terbayang akan Gil Ra-Im(Han Ji Won) pada pertemuan yang pertama.ape nak dikate,cinte itu bute,dan kalau dah angau memang angau ah!awww!!tapi tengah-tengah laki tuh kutuk prempuan tuh punye lifestyle disamping menyatekan isi hatinye,satu hari ade plot twist dimane badan hero&heroin bertukar.dahhh guane plak nih spoiler beb!nak tengok camne kehidupan mereke jadi camne?tengoklah drama nih,worth a shot!kalau nak kasik bintang,before this Full House rating die 10/10,nih memang 10/10 gak ah,kalau boleh kasi lebih memang aku kasi ah,tapi sangat bagus ah drama nih,aigoo nak cakap camne pon tatau dah

oh aku tengah main lagu die Here I Am-4Men&Mi,fingerstyle tapi payahnyeeee~bukan macam "My Precious" Jang Geun Suk nye lagu,aigoo kalaulah ade versi guitar untuk Here I Am nih,kan bes...senang nak main.maybe kene main ikot piano sheets?aigoo mane reti bace kod taugeh T_T,deng!so kalau aku dah keje nih,definitely nak blaja bhs Jepom(utk kompeni aku) dan Korea(for fun!).ye ye aku tau bhs Arab bhs Al-Quran tapi ape salahnye  blajar bahase lain?advantage pade aku gak kalau mahir(untuk dunie lah :P).so thx pade drama nih,aku dah ade playlist baru untuk didengar,penuh dah MV dalam HD aku,kekeke 

practikal @ perodua,minggu ke-9&10

simple dan sempoi untuk blog kali nih...

aku dah takde keje dahhh nak buat,melanguk duk mencari kerje,duk bosan-bosan cari kerje,arghhh,kirenye past 2 weeks nih memang haram ah,xbanyak kerje pon.cume yang bestnye aku dah buat update TBR monthly,so bilemase aku update monthly tool broken,otomatis grafnye akan tunjuk.nih kene pakai link excel n so on n sangat ak noob gile dengan bendalah nih.sistem nih memang kene tuka n ubah nih,tapi tatau camne,haizz~

okeh enough,so antara 2-2 shift A dan B,aku dah ngam dah. basically shift A purata umor 30++ dan shift B 19++ thx kpd kechik,budak baru masok.ok 2-2 best bagi pendapat aku,tapi aku akan review psl each shift bile LI ak nak habis hujung bulan nih.bagi aku,duk sinih FUN!tapi kalau boss ade sekitar,aura die memang jelas terasa dan aku sangat xsuke rase pressure nih. oh Senior Engineer Umai,tengok macam garang xpon strict,tapi sebenarnye bengom2 gak beliau.hahaha i guess it runs through all engineers habit,that we are same in some kind of way,which is being sengal :P

neway nak tulis tips sket before nak buat entry baru.observe ape yang kekurangan pade department dan tambah baik untuk department lah.kadang2 bende tuh simple jeh tapi kite telepas untuk sape2 nak LI di perodua dan dapat Tooling,bagus department nih!anything just ask i would likely to answer all your doubtness!heheee