Saturday, January 29, 2011

drama Korea dilema

haa morning!as i wrote this journal it was already 11,but i've been woke up since 7 in the morning,after performing my subuh gajahs~

haa dalam melayunye,haku dah sangkut dahhhhh dengan drama Korea!aduiyai,leceh laa kalau dah sangkut nih,kite akan anticipate dari pelakonnye sampai lah ke OST,dan skang ni demam aku dari Gumiho beralih ke Mary Stayed Out All Night/Marry Me Mary!dan hero dlm cite tuh plak dah laa all time fav ak,dari Beethoven Virus dis guy is Hot!yeas aku dh jd gay,kuang3~tp xsalah nak memuji lelaki,aku kesah mende kalau de hemsem,puji je laa,xde ego2 nye,ak memang xde malu,klu hemsem ak ckp hemsem,klu burok leh jadi membe ak XD

dah tu crite ni yg buat ak addict,sbb ak ak xde mase nk layan,bile dh layan 1-2 epsod,ak kne tunggu mase yg seswai bru dpt layan balek...tuh yg bwat ak anticipate sgt2 aa dgn drama nih,lagipon klu drama ni habis,so xde laaa aktiviti bes utk ak T_T....dem laa sape dapat moon geunreong!comel gileh dol!

ak rs skang ni ak kne start cari drama sdeh plak,dlm pale aku ade Stairway to Heaven xlayan lagi,or maybe ak swing ke action pack athena ke?xsure...tapi klu tgk drama sdeh2 ni mmg cm haram sungguh!mmg ak akn mood down dan depress,kemurungan,kesedihan slame sminggu...dlu ade laa layan drama jepon 1 litre of tears,pergh mau dkt sbulan ak menghargai setiap detik hidop ak!dam laa movie tuh,dapat impak yg kaw2 satnye lah!

anyway,kne search pat2 drama nih,tp ak rs ak dh bersedie utk tgk drama slaen romantic comedy dh ni,its time for Sad Romance!ho yeah!

p/s:ak payah nk addict drama,slps ak busan layan 2-3 drama (ur beatiful,playful kiss?) so ak stop utk tgk drama,tp ni tatau laa mane dpt inspira utk tgk Gumiho,skang ni dh gile dh,aduyai~K-Pop pon dh dlm pale dh ni,maybe patot tuka citizenship ke Korea?kui3

4th week at Perodua

alhamdulillah,its been a month since i started my practical at Perodua,slowly im building up my relation with the staff,and they give their cooperation towards me and help me alot too!staff at perodua(especially at my department,toolng department) is good and nice!even though its not as good as my other friend department(QC department) but i think this one suits me good,it builds up the matured side of me :)

oh oryt,so the last 2 weeks i wasn't able to online coz im staying at Rawang,so today i come back to my lovely home so i just can update my SNSD,Running Man and any other Korean stuff,oh yeah i hang out with my friends too!dude when u start to work,you are more likely to hang out with your friends,it does help to reduce the stress though~sooooo what happen the past 2-3 weeks?i got medical checkup and got high fever,got MC for the first time and dam it was the worst fever ever(bieber fever?). but for the work prospective,all i do was tagging and the fun part was updating the Tool Broken Report.

it consist of everyday tool broken and was recorded in a piece of paper called Tool Broken Report(TBR),so i just need to update it everyday...err,scratch that...when im free and the PC is available :).the most hectic day are always the monday,i need to update both daily and weekly update about this TBR. well i guess trainees before this maybe they would do the same.and after monday,usually don't have anything to do much,throw rubbish,go buy drink for exec(dude my allowance only 300 and u ask me to buy u a drink?) and such

oh since got new machine for 4 head cylinder(am i supposed to say here?well i don't think it was classified though) and so i have lots...HELL lots of tagging to do.I help Abg Wan there and i enjoy doing work with him,and Abg Lan also helps me alot!most of them always give great suggestion on what i have to do and what i MUST it was a bit hectic,but not that hectic

so here are some staff that i know,well probably one or two out there was typing Tooling Department and you would wonder what was it?here they got 2 shift,A and B,both never meet and if boss ask them to be transfer from A to B or vice versa then they will  meet the other shift,get it?and this department works when the Line in the factory works(which mean 24 hours) because Tooling Department and other 2(QA and Maaintenance) are support department only.Tooling Department job are to grind back the drill that were used,so they can be used back.In my opinion this department really save budget a lot!every morning the normal shift(the exec,bosses and engineers) will discuss bout this stuff,and i never understand a thing so i just go went out from that room and just help other staff doing their job. In tooling department got 3 partition,that is Operation Group(operation) which consist of non-exec(machinist,operator,team leader),Improvement Group(IG) consist of the higher ups exec(Assistant Manager,Engineer,IT and machinist) and Store...i only went to store only to ask for "insert" and to find or take some data.

so that was a brief intro bout the Tooling Department,so bout the staff...
the big boss!Assistant Manager,Mr Azmin a.k.a wak amin
Engineer:Mr Umaizi(umai) and Mr Fauzi(poji...dis guy fresh grad from japan and he can speak japanese!)
IT:Mr Shahrin,Mr Azuan(wan)
Team Leader:Mr Zamri(mat),Faris,effendi(fendi)
Machinist:mr Azlan(lan)
operator:i just type all the name,they sometime change their shift from A to B...Yop,Sob,Haris,Zain,Bashir,Azli(dis guy is my housemate!),Usop,Paijo

dis was the only name i remembered,but i try to find out their name later!i must remember their name in order to create a harmonious relationship :D

so dat was my department,and bout the factory....if ur a guy and still single,dis was the WRONG place to be,of all the girls i met it was only dis ONE girl that mesmerize me...dude it was really hard to find nice and sooth the eye,if u r still single,u better found 1 before coming to dis factory!if not and planning to work here,well best of luck ah!

myb i continue later bout my department,so till then!chiao chiao!

word of wisdom:never afraid to try new things,turn the disadvantage into your ally and think positive will make you strive towards success

Friday, January 14, 2011

the future plan

as usual arrived at my house from rawang at 8.30,had to make sure to come early coz no one at home except for my lil bro,then later that night my friend got problem with his car and i go and pick him up when after that we go and grab a drinks till 2.30-3 im not sure,but sooo dam tired!so woke up to continue with my Korean Variety Show Running Man,till now still not finish yet :P

the main reason i come back home is not that i really-really want to go back that badly,but it is because i need to see my father. i wanted to ask him 1-2 question regarding what ive been thinking lately. If i were to continue to Perodua,on Tooling Department which is definitely not so related with me,how am i going to use that experience,into another company that is more related to me?different person has its different perspective,but i shall ask my father first,i just need the idea to bloom inside me :)

so my dad say that its ok if what am i doing now,what matter the most is the SKILL in MANAGING people. coz im in different level with them,on how am i supposed to manage the department,the working environment,more towards paperwork,problem solving rather than do the hand-job. so last week was different,i was looking more on HANDS JOB. i kinda want to do all the things myself,where im supposed to think the solution of some the problem department encounter. i am the thinking machine,thou im not into it but hey its my level,i used brain rather than my whole body. but as for the start, i need to know the working environment. so last week was already start on learning how to grind this,preset this and so on.

if i were to continue here,how can i relate it with my experience and my deep knowledge in electronic?does that make me as an mechatronic already?hahaha,so my dad says that it doesn't matter,its what you want to be. would you like to work in that environment(industrial),managing people or into professional profession?like what am i doing now,i am more to the industrial environment,where i have no where to go,just stick at that kilang and repair if something broke down or they have plant shutdown. for professional,it would definitely in my field,i work like hell on electronic parts until im expert on that field. the last one is managing people.i like this one :),however im kinda fail to manage people,im more towards following order :P.

still don't know what i like it more,but what i want is that it has at least related to my field,so i don't feel awkward at all. but since im in the industrial environment,i have to learn everything!its the skill of industrial that makes it expensive!and im still blur,really....

should i continue?or stay for 2-3 years before jump out to another company?and if so...which and what type of company i would like?of course with the more G's :D

p/s:solat istiharah...from now on :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

my very old buddy advice :)

editors note: why must my editors note in the early of the essay eh?i still can't figure it why -.-"

i woke up early at 7(yeah i manage to perform subuh gajah) because the past 1 week i was trained to wake up before 6. go check anything in the internet and nothing new so i continue my sleep,but neway lets go and skip this point,shall we?

one of my oldest buddy and still contact him-well,sometime it was he who always contact me,oh shame on me TT__TT-came to my house,just to see me how i was doing and such. he was with me more like,err,since standard 2?1996?ah yeah that long,so its already 15 years im with him,even though i rarely contact him because im always not in my house at KL,but when he calls me,i always hang out with him :).

so we chit and chat a little,so said bout my current situation. i just feel so down on what happen to me,still can't accept what im suffering now,bout the payment,how if i join perodua and what it would effect me later on. i definitely have to struggle like hell if i want to have a good position there. then he said to me something good. he says that he met this one guy who was once only work as pembuat air, where now he was the 2nd higher position in the company. he said that he struggle so fucking hard and now he stand where he is now. so he said that i only need to suffer for 6 month period(according to the Perodua contract lah) and then i got big names behind me,im working in Perodua beb!stuff like that ah

so i begin to think,dude you need to wake up!where is BOB who always lift the mood up?what happen to the guy who can work 24/7 non stop no matter what?and what happen to the strong mental guy that we knew before this gone?hell yeah man,i need to rise,i don't care how the problem i'll face later,i just need to face it strong!dude if you are an engineer,you MUST able to adapt your surrounding!feel the force around you and make it as your good ally(quote from master Yoda)!i MUST overcome my disability to learn new things!with limited knowledge about mechanical part,i can ask anyone in my department about anything without feeling shame!they all know im an electrical so they should explain it to me ah right?muahahaha

so yeah,lets just see for the next 3 month in here,oh im in good spirit now after having a good motivation :D,if things are moving well,i will send my resume,if not then i should try to find another company :).amirul FIGHTING!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Editor extra note:
Im currently doing my practical in Perodua at Rawang,so here's the first week journal :D

 so just came back from Practical(LI) at Perodua, go pack my unwanted things or excessive T-Shirts or kain pelekat and bring it home. decided to wait after maghrib,but oh well,i guess i just can't handle it anymore,so at 7 i start engine and go~

  so i wont tell how i got lost on my way to KL(not lost actually,im using the one that supposed to go to Selayang but i take duke to make it short,if i go to Selayang so i wont pay for the Penchala link toll, but nvm) but when i arrived at home,it feels heavenly good!these whole week was really a damn shock for me

 i studied for the past 4 years as an electrical engineer, so i expect my practical will involve in electronic stuff. well it is indeed,i met lots of dam big machine,but guess what?i went to Tool department,which when i said im in electronic engineer,all of the hair from my executive falls down. yes they didn't expected a guy who know the meaning of 3 colour in the 3 pin plug would enter their department. but as expected they all quite experience to handle the wrong trainee to atleast having some experience of what AUTOMOTIVE industry works.

 my Tool Department a.k.a RND-and-everything-is-cost-saving for what i know is they re-grind the grill or cutter(well for those of you who take Mechanical as your choice of study,u guys sure know dis....what?come on,im electrical and even i know whatehell was that...go study hard,shame on you!),make development on the material to extend its lifespan and such. So i do think that it shouldn't be Tool Department,it should be Tool and Research Department. But i don't know how those engineers work on the name but hell with it.

 as the wrong guy in the wrong place,i hardly to adapt the situation. This is the first time im wearing bump cap(twin of safety helmet,go google it),safety shoes, and i don't bring any weapon(weapon in electrical view was either their multimeter,test pen,screw driver or anything related with electrical/electronic parts). first day already have a mental breakdown, i just can't focus,and still looking on my future as an electronic engineer,am i supposed to work in here?

 i don't know,the 1st week seem so long, heck yes coz i need to understand lots of shit,and fast!but luckily the staff and boss help me a lot,they really know how to handle this wrong guy. i can't describe more since it was my first week,so mybe later when i have the mood

 oh by the way,heck there are a lot of japs,feel excited heard they japs conversation,but really a breakdown situation now,only He know what best for me. Im not saying Perodua is not good, but its just im not in my field of expert, so i i have to turn the table,make this thing as my personal task,to become more versatile. At least i have experience in handling heavy machine. lets make it postive thinking yep :D