Friday, December 17, 2010

Things i want to do~

1)hang out with friends
3)watch movee
6)improvise my guitar skills
7)new songs for guitar to play
8)go around KL
9)hangout at menara tinjau
10)wash and repair my car

but what i only did was watch drama in my laptop, eats and sleep as long as i want....well at least i understand whats the meaning of "what I want to do"....its something that makes me satisfied of it,and hell yeah i get to sleep as long as i want, eat much and just sit and make my lemak go fat day by day...u can't get this precious moment,even so some might view it as wasting my precious youth time but heck like i care,im going to do whatever i want and as long as im happy XD

tapi bosan sket ah :(

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