Friday, January 7, 2011


Editor extra note:
Im currently doing my practical in Perodua at Rawang,so here's the first week journal :D

 so just came back from Practical(LI) at Perodua, go pack my unwanted things or excessive T-Shirts or kain pelekat and bring it home. decided to wait after maghrib,but oh well,i guess i just can't handle it anymore,so at 7 i start engine and go~

  so i wont tell how i got lost on my way to KL(not lost actually,im using the one that supposed to go to Selayang but i take duke to make it short,if i go to Selayang so i wont pay for the Penchala link toll, but nvm) but when i arrived at home,it feels heavenly good!these whole week was really a damn shock for me

 i studied for the past 4 years as an electrical engineer, so i expect my practical will involve in electronic stuff. well it is indeed,i met lots of dam big machine,but guess what?i went to Tool department,which when i said im in electronic engineer,all of the hair from my executive falls down. yes they didn't expected a guy who know the meaning of 3 colour in the 3 pin plug would enter their department. but as expected they all quite experience to handle the wrong trainee to atleast having some experience of what AUTOMOTIVE industry works.

 my Tool Department a.k.a RND-and-everything-is-cost-saving for what i know is they re-grind the grill or cutter(well for those of you who take Mechanical as your choice of study,u guys sure know dis....what?come on,im electrical and even i know whatehell was that...go study hard,shame on you!),make development on the material to extend its lifespan and such. So i do think that it shouldn't be Tool Department,it should be Tool and Research Department. But i don't know how those engineers work on the name but hell with it.

 as the wrong guy in the wrong place,i hardly to adapt the situation. This is the first time im wearing bump cap(twin of safety helmet,go google it),safety shoes, and i don't bring any weapon(weapon in electrical view was either their multimeter,test pen,screw driver or anything related with electrical/electronic parts). first day already have a mental breakdown, i just can't focus,and still looking on my future as an electronic engineer,am i supposed to work in here?

 i don't know,the 1st week seem so long, heck yes coz i need to understand lots of shit,and fast!but luckily the staff and boss help me a lot,they really know how to handle this wrong guy. i can't describe more since it was my first week,so mybe later when i have the mood

 oh by the way,heck there are a lot of japs,feel excited heard they japs conversation,but really a breakdown situation now,only He know what best for me. Im not saying Perodua is not good, but its just im not in my field of expert, so i i have to turn the table,make this thing as my personal task,to become more versatile. At least i have experience in handling heavy machine. lets make it postive thinking yep :D

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  1. salam, bro! ak student diploma mekanikal UMP.. dapat offer wat pratikal kat perodua nie.. assembly deparment.. nak tanye mcm mane keje dia ea? thank u bro..