Saturday, February 12, 2011


Memories are something has already embedded inside our head. One may fill it with happiness or bad things that ever happen to them. To me, there is one memory I would love to keep it in some box inside of my head and never open it, just to keep it and when the right time come,I just want to throw it away.

The memory was about this friend,whom in opposite gender,was the second closest to me. Ever since she was left by his last ex,so I was wondering if I could comfort her,after all I do love cheering people up. But as time goes by,the thought of making her only as friend,has turn up side down. Lots of friend says no to this,but I force myself through it and still keep it. I remember there was one time when she had a problem,and she don't know who to call, I said that "if you need anyone,just miscall me and I'll call you back"

I don't think much about the phrase,about the service,until one day it hit me back. Before this whenever she miscall me I definitely turn the call, but since she already with another man,she never did,and I already forgot about the service. But it was not long ago it was just for fun,but stupid decision,I called her for some silly question. But stupid me for not thinking long enough,she then MC me.

I can just ignore the call,I can just text her I already slept,but in the end,my service is still in my memory,in fact it become a habit. Without notice I call her back,and we talk a lot.It's not a happy things,since I'm still in recovering phase and that night,all the memories came back,all because of the service I offered long time ago.Now I'm paying the consequences. I did miss her,but things not turn in my way now,I had to let it go.I must....

Oh memory,sometime I just wish when I moved on,I can left it where i should left it,but not.I'm still carrying it with me,don't know when will I release this box of memories.


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