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Goguma Couple :(

story of Goguma couple...

Pure Seohyun never met any guy that captivate her heart,except for Johny Depp because of his acting as Jack Sparrow and Keroro,some manga character in Keroro Gunso.Even in interview she never said she has some one special or mesmerize her eyes, so the innocent Seohyun never felt the love or presence of a Man not as a friend but as someone special, not as close as her father but a man enough to take care the responsibility of one. Proved by her 8 unnies, Seohyun lead her way as she want to.

Until one day, a milk-man who can play guitar,sing,compose song,acting and still improving his MC-ing come. It was Yonghwa from C.N.Blue. It was probably a fate, or just another briliant idea from PD of We Got Married that these two person met. Since both are singer, they met at the entrance at MBC building. Both didn't know they are going to be "fake" husband and wife so the will-be husband play around with Seohyun, to guess whose suppose to marry her between the members of the band, and fate shows and the light shine between these couple as Seohyun know that slightest hope in her to choose Yonghwa the husband, is indeed blessed by all.

Awkward meeting because both didn't know what's other favorite, hobby and many more. Too many question,too many things to explore together, these two take their marriage step together, as Yonghwa leads Seohyun into the the world outside from her own. To prove the world of their marriage, they bought a fake ring and showed it at some music show. 

Before Yonghwa want to lead Seohyun into another world, he however being dragged into Seohyun world first, a place where Yonghwa would never come in, that is a library. He understand that too understand her, he need to level with her and he manage to read books that were suggested by Seohyun

Yonghwa try his best in reading and manage to make report book about what he read to show the sincerity of him in understanding Seohyun. Even though its really hard to read books, especially you don't really into books but Yonghwa manage to pull it off. To enjoy themselves and to lessen the gap between them they go to the amusement park. Both enjoy themselves and it was a good trip for both.

Just like Seohyun let Yonghwa read the book, Yonghwa also teach her how to play guitar, since both are singer probably Seohyun want to practice other instrument because she already has one that she master of, that is playing piano. Both of them know, they need to understand each other interest to know each other very well.

Both of them had mad a relationship that is more different than the other couple, this couple did less skin ship and way more pure and innocent. Because of this kind of relation, it has been turn something that usually couple would want to do so much like kissing,holding hands and such into something more a good clean relationship. It has raised the interest of the viewer as it is more sweet to not doing lots of skin ship. Both of them are acknowledge as a friend ship but when it comes to romance it is a soft and healthy. For muslim like me i like these couple very much, even i like Seohyun personality regarding this relationship. She is so shy towards Yonghwa and Yonghwa understand her and didn't force her to do anything she doesn't want. 

Soon the relationship grew bigger, even they are holding hands finally but it was nearly after half of the total episode. They becoming more and a lot closer, and Yonghwa manage to make Seohyun feel comfortable. Yonghwa knew, to make her close to her he needs to make sure Seohyun comfortable when she's with him. By that time Seohyun didn't realize, she already make yonghwa enter into her circle.

 But its not anyone Seohyun, or Yonghwa fault, when they knew if they become this famous, when their music get acknowledge by others, they are getting busier. Even so they manage to meet one another in We Got Married slot and do many stuff together. However it is not very long until they knew, that after reviewing each schedule, they didn't have much time to spend together, seeing along the pack of their schedule is the PD of We Got Married, and thus he decide to pull off this couple.

But Seohyun already getting know Yonghwa for almost a year now, and Yonghwa felt Seohyun soo comfortable with him, but not only him, the viewers too felt the same. Seohyun who before this ignoring other man wishes to be with, but now playing around Yonghwa comfortably. Yonghwa can even show his choding side that make Seohyun laugh, and Yonghwa manage to make Seohyun nagging at him like real couple would do. He did make Seohyun feel caring towards him. Still the bond between these two is still limited because of their own schedule. So it came, the last episode of Goguma Couple

Seohyun ask to met just like before this,on how they first met. She ask to re-enact the same situation, just to keep the feeling alive. Yonghwa joins in, and together they re-enact the first time they met each other.

Awkward at first, but now it is not. Remembering the past memories kept floating when they re-enact the first time they met, they just laugh on how weird the situation are. Viewer can feel the strong bond between them, but most drastic change can be seen on Seohyun, she acknowledge another man that more than just a friend. A man he can really rely on to share anything after this. So both of them spend the night together embrace the memories before this, when the time of departure.

Seohyun and Yonghwa made their last goodbye. During the interview, not knowing the true feelings of her inside, Seohyun tears drop off. Yonghwa really had something into her, more than just a memory,we know it. The first meeting they can easily depart, but this time, even the viewer can see, she just can't let her eyes go from Yonghwa, same with Yonghwa. But things must be done, so they ended up their filming in We Got Married, as Goguma Couple.

At the end of it, most of the people now wish them to be real. They are perfect for each other. Hopefully to hear more news for them as the real couple, as Adam couple. Thank you Goguma couple for show us something different from others. And Yonghwa personally, thank you, for making Seohyun happy and show her the difference between love and like.

credit to Soshified subbing team, RDR subbing team and Sonems subbing team for the subbed video.

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