Friday, April 1, 2011

feeling blues

its 12.40 in the morning and ready to sleep but decided to tell the inner feel here,guess my blog is my friend now :D

just watch hana tajima,some fashionista about scarf or tudung,oh man she is so dem beautiful!father from japan and mom from Britain probably but the mix look is so magnificente!voala!hahaha and i like her fashion!im not the fashion guy but who care,she got talent on hijab :)

oh why the writting in the middle of night?feel a bittttt lonely and kinda sad,coz tomorrow is saturday and it was goguma couple last day,and when i surf youtube bout them,aih...really people bless on their relationship.i mean seohyun is the girl who never met any guy that captivate his heart,and yonghwa really try his best and fit him into her standard. I believe she already giving yongwha a space inside her circle,aww~~

if my friend abe read this he would be laugh at me, i mean y bother into someone relationship?if they didn't get together then its not like im going to die and its the worlds end?yeah my friend got kinda sharp tongue -.-" but like his style neway.sometime a hard rock can be melted down by a single drop of water,so im saying is even though im not into someone yet but looking at them really makes my circle open to someone else,but hec no just wait and let me heal first,not easy to foget though~

for those who are single,no worries our time will come,and for those who not,take care of your spouse,problems did occur but when u have something to cheer on u definitely got someone behind your back :)

p/s:even if no one love me,Allah still love me :)

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