Sunday, July 10, 2011

working at Hitachi Cable

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all readers!yeah i don't care if i don't have any readers but never mind~okeh chance to update my 3 weeks work at hitachi cable PS Techno at Senawang in engineering department

Hitachi Cable PS Techno is the branch for the Hitachi HQ at Japan, and the second biggest was Singapore and in Malaysia they got 2, at Johor and Senawang,Negeri Sembilan. The Johor branch supply the cable for power transmission or anything related with cable, while at Senawang(my company) we supply lead frame only. As far that I know, we are the best lead frame supplier. yeah don't judge the company for its size,but judge the quality that we produce :D

For electronic students, they would counter this lead frame and probably eat this, because it was in their everyday life project. The transistor, the LED, the chips and such, thats what we produce. We supply the lead frame to other semiconductor chips so they can implement their secret recipe on the chip. Our customer are ****,****,**** and many more. Yeah I think for company sake I shouldn't say whose our customer. If you are searching for lead frame supplier, contact us and we tell whose the giant company we already supplied to :).

That's the intro for the company. Now for my section, I'm the 3 weeks Engineer in Engineering Department. My department deals with the customer and give instruction to the production how SOP for the product. Some of the product will be test first before mass production. SO the first product that came out, we will ask our customer whether its OK or NG. If NG we re-do and send again. That's for now, I heard there would probably some changes in our job scope, rather than to liase with customer, we might do something else.

In Hitachi Cable PS Techno (HCPS), the product mainly will go for these processes which are stamping, washing, plating, cutting or bending and final inspection. well some of the product didn't do all the process but that's the main process in HCPS. All the process was under Production Department, except for final Inspection, which was under QA Department. To maintain our quality, each time there will be an inspection from either production or QA Department. They will find some defects in the product and make some adjustment before continue for mass production. The inspection was from starting of material inspection, the first product after stamping, during washing, plating inspection and cutting and bending inspection. even so got all the inspection, we still have final inspection before the product is ready to be supply to customer.

So that's all for the company profile. Before I came in here, I can't find any review for this company so I hope if jobseekers out there was selected for the interview here, that's the overall for HCPS. How bout the salary? if you interest you can contact me. How?find it :)

p/s: I find working in production is better then sitting infront of my desk, but it was only 3weeks, maybe after I got my own project then I probably be grateful for my state now :D


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