Thursday, March 31, 2011

aigoo the ending of goguma couple :(

haih,it was a really good week,where i have nothing to do and only download goguma couple at,where the happiness stop when i start watching them. i stop following them at episode 39 then i cont' download until 50 part 1...

truthfully,its just like watching chunhee and yejin from FO season 1 go,dam it was hard and sad!in family outing,you watch them from episode 1 until 51. the fun they had together,the laugh they provide towards viewer and many more good memory, but seeing them depart at episode really sad,neomu2 sad :(. If you think im sissy then be it, i saw the bond and friendship they build during that period of time, and it was beautiful. after that FO is never be the same(though im still watching it) even though they change the family. the feeling is indescribable...

also why i don't watch Korean drama is because if it is too good,then the ending will definitely stuck into my head, just like Full House and recently Secret Garden, especially Secret Garden. The story is what i would say beautiful, the character has it uniqueness and both hero and heroin give the harmony kind of relation. suits with the background music and the environment, the speech, i give them more than 10 points! but to see the ending of it was like, oh man where can i get this kind of stuff nowadays?it was too priceless!hard to find,even if you go watch another korean drama this drama would stuck back at you....

so the same feeling with We Got Married Goguma Couple, how i watched them on the very 1st episode until episode 50 part 1, the relation they built, how yonghwa manage to take care of seohyun,uri maknae(our younger sis) and how he change seohyun to something normal(she didn't know whats love is!), yonghwa really did put a lot of effort. only watch the episode of 50 part 1, and saw how they want to remember the first day they met, dude that was totally rock it. back then all the memories flash back, it feels like i'm going to watch back this couple. and seohyun play guitar to their song,the Banmal song, aih... T_T. i like this couple because there are some kind of a healthy and yet nice and pure kind of relation. they are very shy for the skin ship(which more look like Eastern style),yonghwa like to joke around and they more like friend-kind-of-relationship but yet when it comes to romance it is totally romance. perghhh can't say no more bout this couple, they are truely innocent and pure!no wonder most people like them!

to see them depart,aih makes me lonely but to see them fooling at each other and act lovey dovey more hurt me coz i still search for one :P. hopefully they can continue this relationship like Adam couple,like couple before this, and live happily ever after.....goodbye goguma couple :(

p/s:going to treat my yongja chingu real good but first need to find one -.-"

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