Saturday, August 7, 2010

Diner yang terakhir dan....

Yeah,stelah berbincang berbulan-bulan akhirnya selesai sudah dinner Final Year BEE 0708 dan 0809,terbaik sungguh malam itu,sume bergaya dan sbgnye,malangnye U penulis tidak dapek nk upload gmbr,boleh laa layari di FB rakan2 guer yg tgh rajin mengomen sume

name je dinner final year,tp blom tentu tamat disini nilai persahabatan kami,yang penting lepas dari dinner ni perlulah kontek mengontek sesame sendiri,untuk mengeratkn silaturrahim dan nak buat bisnes pape ke sng sket,kite tau prangai membe kite cmne :P

oh tapi penulis pom ad laa mng award,trime kasih kpd yang vote utk sy,kuikuikui besnye besnye,namun begitu,kalau ikotkan jiwe sangat2 kacau,lagi2 selepas Dinner,entahlah...

dah tanya pd yang Maha Esa lagi skali,tp jwpn masih sama,mungkin aku patut berhenti?dan biarkan die jalan pula?kadang2 aku rs bersalah sbb aku buat ade sum1 serbe salah,sokay ak mmg ske tgk org rs bersalah ni,hahahaha,but this time,i think its enuff,oh by the way,the mood is totally the same with Taewoo-Love Rain

I don't have much to say bout the dinner, because the feelings that i have now is kinda,nope scratch that,really pain,because it's time to let go?I already ask my God, and somehow through Him he send me a lil bit of messages like nowhere to go with someone, probably because of my sins?or maybe its just the faith?maybe she's not the one?or maybe i don't have much time?i don't know,but the better decision is,i have to stop...but somehow it will take sometime to tune it back to myself, hopefully it will goes well,maybe i should change my attitude?become what adults should be,becoming another side of me,its a painful steps though coz u have to let go so many fun things behind T_T, but i guess every beginning has an end?and i shud end my childish thought, stop catching my big fish and...well...go on with life like how it should be?

wutever it is,i need to tune it back,where my last day of greatness was started during my matriculation until my 3rd year in this University. got to get the feeling back

p/s: i guess what my friend says bout my spouse is true eh(every man in this world,God creates em in pair,but i think you pair is already dead XD)?so shud i meet her in heaven?then i should be good by now.

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