Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramadhan al-Mubarak

It is not too late for me to say Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubarak,a month full of barakah and bless from Allah, may this month will turn us into something magnificent and enhance our Taqwa...

so i decided to go on a lil trip to my house, a last trip,coz the last 4 years of my life as engineer students, i never go back to my house for a short break(like 2-3 days) because its just a waste of time,well,that's what i think about, before i know how important the first week of Ramadhan is...

to break fast with my friend, i already did it for more than 6 years already(MRSM 2 years,matriculation 1 year, UMP 4 years), so my first week of fasting month i often do it outside my own house, well its time to kick back the memory ^^. The feeling is little different if you break fast at your own house for the first week, well lets just say beside the abundance and variety of food, if you open fast with your family, you can feel the bond, and i like that. because i have left out my house since im form 4, so i already forgot bout how the first week of Ramadhan should be feeling like. Saw my dad taking stuff like a father should do, how my mom wait for others to finish up and then she will eat it later like how a real wife should be, and be able to eat my Kak's cooking, treat my little bro and sis how they should act when break fast and so on. man the memory just keep on coming back! oh im waiting for tomorrow also,coz my lil bro(hisyam) will come here, so its a family break fast tomorrow ^^

oh another story is, how engineers nowadays been acknowledge as one of the professional job. well it is indeed since the last few years, but i haven't felt the goodness of it, like when someone says what are you doing now(in terms of study) and when they answered "Im on my way to become doc" the reaction would be "wooo~",because doctor is hell one of the must-be-in-parents-dream-that-they-son-would-be is. but since the last tarawih i went, met my friend and he said he's already got job in Perbadanan Harta,so nice for him and i said im on my FYP(final year project),so as after we talk, got this uncle sit besides me ask me,"what DEGREE are you in?", it gave me a shock since i didn't mentioned im taking Degree, and i said " electronics", and the "woo~" feeling was there, as he then said that i'll become an engineer, its sounds like the famous job like the Doctor,huyooo proud of my self ^^. Even met with my last long friend, who did the EE,unfortunately for him he can't catch up and gave a surprised look as im taking EE too and manage to go through my final year, now i know engineers is not a normal profession, its a woo~ kinda job :P

but still, whenever i came back home, always got problem,aih~no need to mention it here, just wish that everything goes well before raya ni,huhuhu

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