Monday, August 9, 2010

How time pass by when u need it at most...

yeah in English!coz im frikkin mad right now...

hell yeah the mood is not too good yet, coz I can't express what had been inside this stumble soul to anyone...coz it might get back to me n i'll definitely hurt by it,so how was today?

the spirits to see whether my project has any progress is totally out!to just walk from my hostel to the lab takse me bout 10 minutes,well still can be tolerable, unfortunately i cant put in my coding inside my ATMEL 89c51,the hell??so after finish check up and fed-up,i pack my stuff and chiao...later that night i go and make a re-check on connection,less than 5 minutes,n voala it works the way i want....pfft lost my day today,natam sungguh!

another things,bout on me need 1 or 2 component, go to the lab and ask few things,fortunately that stuff is right there in front of me,but the staff there said i have to wait for another 2-3 days...for what???was it because of the procedure?oh dem!its just a thing or two la bro,cant make any exception ka?haigooo~

but never mind, watch "Hangover" and got cracked up enough to fill this frustration, thx to my roomate for the suggestion, haha no wonder it got Box Office, oh lets just face it as my obstacle to achieved something great shall we? and because of that im taking my thesis into the next chapter, which is weird, coz in this mood i manage to do some writing and come up with,well,kinda good words actually, but don't know if my SV like it or not

left somebody for less than a day,but already got the feeling of missing, do chat with her only lil or two, just to keep on track, and i just want her to go with her life, go have fun, its not good to hang in me,coz i don't own you,and so am i, lets party baby!

p/s: taking sweets and candy to sooth the mood, it does make the difference ^^

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