Saturday, January 8, 2011

my very old buddy advice :)

editors note: why must my editors note in the early of the essay eh?i still can't figure it why -.-"

i woke up early at 7(yeah i manage to perform subuh gajah) because the past 1 week i was trained to wake up before 6. go check anything in the internet and nothing new so i continue my sleep,but neway lets go and skip this point,shall we?

one of my oldest buddy and still contact him-well,sometime it was he who always contact me,oh shame on me TT__TT-came to my house,just to see me how i was doing and such. he was with me more like,err,since standard 2?1996?ah yeah that long,so its already 15 years im with him,even though i rarely contact him because im always not in my house at KL,but when he calls me,i always hang out with him :).

so we chit and chat a little,so said bout my current situation. i just feel so down on what happen to me,still can't accept what im suffering now,bout the payment,how if i join perodua and what it would effect me later on. i definitely have to struggle like hell if i want to have a good position there. then he said to me something good. he says that he met this one guy who was once only work as pembuat air, where now he was the 2nd higher position in the company. he said that he struggle so fucking hard and now he stand where he is now. so he said that i only need to suffer for 6 month period(according to the Perodua contract lah) and then i got big names behind me,im working in Perodua beb!stuff like that ah

so i begin to think,dude you need to wake up!where is BOB who always lift the mood up?what happen to the guy who can work 24/7 non stop no matter what?and what happen to the strong mental guy that we knew before this gone?hell yeah man,i need to rise,i don't care how the problem i'll face later,i just need to face it strong!dude if you are an engineer,you MUST able to adapt your surrounding!feel the force around you and make it as your good ally(quote from master Yoda)!i MUST overcome my disability to learn new things!with limited knowledge about mechanical part,i can ask anyone in my department about anything without feeling shame!they all know im an electrical so they should explain it to me ah right?muahahaha

so yeah,lets just see for the next 3 month in here,oh im in good spirit now after having a good motivation :D,if things are moving well,i will send my resume,if not then i should try to find another company :).amirul FIGHTING!!!

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