Saturday, January 29, 2011

4th week at Perodua

alhamdulillah,its been a month since i started my practical at Perodua,slowly im building up my relation with the staff,and they give their cooperation towards me and help me alot too!staff at perodua(especially at my department,toolng department) is good and nice!even though its not as good as my other friend department(QC department) but i think this one suits me good,it builds up the matured side of me :)

oh oryt,so the last 2 weeks i wasn't able to online coz im staying at Rawang,so today i come back to my lovely home so i just can update my SNSD,Running Man and any other Korean stuff,oh yeah i hang out with my friends too!dude when u start to work,you are more likely to hang out with your friends,it does help to reduce the stress though~sooooo what happen the past 2-3 weeks?i got medical checkup and got high fever,got MC for the first time and dam it was the worst fever ever(bieber fever?). but for the work prospective,all i do was tagging and the fun part was updating the Tool Broken Report.

it consist of everyday tool broken and was recorded in a piece of paper called Tool Broken Report(TBR),so i just need to update it everyday...err,scratch that...when im free and the PC is available :).the most hectic day are always the monday,i need to update both daily and weekly update about this TBR. well i guess trainees before this maybe they would do the same.and after monday,usually don't have anything to do much,throw rubbish,go buy drink for exec(dude my allowance only 300 and u ask me to buy u a drink?) and such

oh since got new machine for 4 head cylinder(am i supposed to say here?well i don't think it was classified though) and so i have lots...HELL lots of tagging to do.I help Abg Wan there and i enjoy doing work with him,and Abg Lan also helps me alot!most of them always give great suggestion on what i have to do and what i MUST it was a bit hectic,but not that hectic

so here are some staff that i know,well probably one or two out there was typing Tooling Department and you would wonder what was it?here they got 2 shift,A and B,both never meet and if boss ask them to be transfer from A to B or vice versa then they will  meet the other shift,get it?and this department works when the Line in the factory works(which mean 24 hours) because Tooling Department and other 2(QA and Maaintenance) are support department only.Tooling Department job are to grind back the drill that were used,so they can be used back.In my opinion this department really save budget a lot!every morning the normal shift(the exec,bosses and engineers) will discuss bout this stuff,and i never understand a thing so i just go went out from that room and just help other staff doing their job. In tooling department got 3 partition,that is Operation Group(operation) which consist of non-exec(machinist,operator,team leader),Improvement Group(IG) consist of the higher ups exec(Assistant Manager,Engineer,IT and machinist) and Store...i only went to store only to ask for "insert" and to find or take some data.

so that was a brief intro bout the Tooling Department,so bout the staff...
the big boss!Assistant Manager,Mr Azmin a.k.a wak amin
Engineer:Mr Umaizi(umai) and Mr Fauzi(poji...dis guy fresh grad from japan and he can speak japanese!)
IT:Mr Shahrin,Mr Azuan(wan)
Team Leader:Mr Zamri(mat),Faris,effendi(fendi)
Machinist:mr Azlan(lan)
operator:i just type all the name,they sometime change their shift from A to B...Yop,Sob,Haris,Zain,Bashir,Azli(dis guy is my housemate!),Usop,Paijo

dis was the only name i remembered,but i try to find out their name later!i must remember their name in order to create a harmonious relationship :D

so dat was my department,and bout the factory....if ur a guy and still single,dis was the WRONG place to be,of all the girls i met it was only dis ONE girl that mesmerize me...dude it was really hard to find nice and sooth the eye,if u r still single,u better found 1 before coming to dis factory!if not and planning to work here,well best of luck ah!

myb i continue later bout my department,so till then!chiao chiao!

word of wisdom:never afraid to try new things,turn the disadvantage into your ally and think positive will make you strive towards success

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