Friday, January 14, 2011

the future plan

as usual arrived at my house from rawang at 8.30,had to make sure to come early coz no one at home except for my lil bro,then later that night my friend got problem with his car and i go and pick him up when after that we go and grab a drinks till 2.30-3 im not sure,but sooo dam tired!so woke up to continue with my Korean Variety Show Running Man,till now still not finish yet :P

the main reason i come back home is not that i really-really want to go back that badly,but it is because i need to see my father. i wanted to ask him 1-2 question regarding what ive been thinking lately. If i were to continue to Perodua,on Tooling Department which is definitely not so related with me,how am i going to use that experience,into another company that is more related to me?different person has its different perspective,but i shall ask my father first,i just need the idea to bloom inside me :)

so my dad say that its ok if what am i doing now,what matter the most is the SKILL in MANAGING people. coz im in different level with them,on how am i supposed to manage the department,the working environment,more towards paperwork,problem solving rather than do the hand-job. so last week was different,i was looking more on HANDS JOB. i kinda want to do all the things myself,where im supposed to think the solution of some the problem department encounter. i am the thinking machine,thou im not into it but hey its my level,i used brain rather than my whole body. but as for the start, i need to know the working environment. so last week was already start on learning how to grind this,preset this and so on.

if i were to continue here,how can i relate it with my experience and my deep knowledge in electronic?does that make me as an mechatronic already?hahaha,so my dad says that it doesn't matter,its what you want to be. would you like to work in that environment(industrial),managing people or into professional profession?like what am i doing now,i am more to the industrial environment,where i have no where to go,just stick at that kilang and repair if something broke down or they have plant shutdown. for professional,it would definitely in my field,i work like hell on electronic parts until im expert on that field. the last one is managing people.i like this one :),however im kinda fail to manage people,im more towards following order :P.

still don't know what i like it more,but what i want is that it has at least related to my field,so i don't feel awkward at all. but since im in the industrial environment,i have to learn everything!its the skill of industrial that makes it expensive!and im still blur,really....

should i continue?or stay for 2-3 years before jump out to another company?and if so...which and what type of company i would like?of course with the more G's :D

p/s:solat istiharah...from now on :)


  1. cool cool. I like the company I'm working on now,but not sure what the future hold for me, need to think a lot, even when I get bright ideas, there are still some new fresh ideas I get from my SV, so bloody cool, am using my brain n tired mentally n physically, but its all cool.I like the work, I like the style, and the money is good. :P

  2. i dunno lar,still confuse!the more i think bout it the harder it will look,maybe i just need to decide quickly so i wont bother by it anymore?haizz,oh kerjaa kerjaa,if we not feel good with the atmosphere,it wouldn't be too good for the environment

  3. salam, bro! ak student diploma mekanikal UMP.. dapat offer wat pratikal kat perodua nie.. assembly deparment.. nak tanye mcm mane keje dia ea? thank u bro..