Saturday, March 19, 2011

practical @ perodua-minggu 11

greetings for those who read(i don't think so) and thank you for reading my blog(i really2 don't think people read it -.-")

its the 11th week!yay!holy crap i thought i couldn't make it until this days,where it was only a week before my practical training end!and voala i'll become an engineer!yay!but not that yay,probably ore work,more stress and i can't grow my hair that long,haizz~

neway for the week of 11th,i don't have that much task,nor helping staff members,so i just go and finish my slide for presentation. My SV now sooo like to tease me,because I am under his command so i can just be patient or else my mouth would go boom like always.heck yeah i like to mock people XD!but i can sense engineers are so common in 1 way,that is we are sengal as usual :P.he also mention 1 or two things bout my slide,and even teach me something valuable(though it was last minute teaching but still its valuable)

since its with the shift B this week,where it was my first shift since i arrived here at Perodua Tooling Department,so i go and belanja them roti canai lah.usually the trainee before this only belanja which shift their last week would be,but i want to belanja both lah.since i don't have that much of money so this is the only thing i can afford.but hell im gonna miss em very much :(

so for last week activities,not so much....3 month is sooo short :(

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