Monday, March 28, 2011

tamat sudah praktikel~

finally!my industrial training is over!im going to have a nice holiday for a week!and after that maybe a month or 2 before i got some job,permanent job!and as engineer too!!heheee

well don't want to be too excited,coz i don't know my future yet and i did not send any resume yet!aigoo so lazy bum!all i want to do is to download yongseo couple and running man,aigoo aigoo so Korean freak laa you ni.anyway last weekend at Perodua was all about doing report and nothing much

haih,even though i got 1 week of hols but i don't know what to do is Monday so i already have a plan to go play bowling or watch movies with my friend,however this friend can't make it,so it was a bit depress since he didn't say he can't make it,in fact he make me wait 2-3 hours before i decide to say no for today. probably tomorrow i go and play bowling?i don't know,i want to find some nice jacket to cover my stomach too,its too big @_@

well anyone else has nothing to do this weekdays?

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