Friday, June 3, 2011

expect the unexpected interview

dan habis sudeh interbiu aku di senawang dekat Hitachi Cable...

yeah termasuk hitachi nih,dah 3 interbiu aku pergi...bangge?not really,but the experience worth it. I manage to go out from my "safe place" and went to seremban for the first time. well of course i got lost but nevermind~ok sudah cukop!so ape aku dapat dari interbiu2 nih?

expect the unexpected question,dalam 3 interbiu aku pergi,the last 2 interbiu is the good one(i think). soalan die lebih kurang xde laa sangat macam dalam internet,kecuali 2-3 bende yang memang aku detect bende same diorang akan tanye.walaupon aku baru je 3 interview dan ade je makhluk lain pernah pergi sampai 10 interview tapi aku still nak sharing,kot2 membe2 yang tengah search ke or membe2 aku yang bache blog ni ke terbache dan jugak sebagai pedoman hidop aku lah,aku suke tolong orang dan aku xkedengkut ilmu,well depends gak,ilmu magic kad aku xnk kongsi :P

soalan2 lazim:
1)what do you know about this company?

well of course the company wants to know what you know about shows that you make research before coming to their company and have the idea what the company runs for.well how do you find what the company do?simple laa dude,go google it!seriously google and type the company name and what they do,if possible find the CEO name too. If the company doesn't show on the web,well this one depends:
 a)during the interview they usually don't ask,because the web probably out of date, as for hitachi cable,since the HQ was in Johor, they did not put it on the web(the one at seremban).so this question might(MIGHT!doesn't mean they don't ask ok) not ask coz how can they expect what you know bout the company?but!they will ask what are the main product produce in the HQ?because it has relation with the branch so u still need to so some research on the HQ too!and if they ask you if you got any question,do ask what is the product of the company,probably shows you are excited on the company and you can get slight idea of the product if you got to work there.

my experience-will i manage to grab 1 or 2 info of the main HQ,atleast im coming not empty handed :P

2)your result is not favourable
-In your face!well this happen to those who usually got less than what they expected.DON'T give up too soon. if you have expect this kind of question,you probably do some research on your result. for example if your lab score is always A,well you can turn the tide by saying...
 "well even though my CGPA is 2.999999 but all my lab result shows great performance, prove that i have technical skills more than theoritical because im a hands on person and i like to have feel on it"

...or if you don't know what can you make look good in front of the interviewer, just say this WITH confident....
"even so my result is not on your expectation but i believe i have learned the same as other has learn"
...say with confident so you don't look noob

3)what is your str and weakness
-dem right this one got in the interview,go find it on the web. about the weakness, DON'T say u r lazy,definitely a big NO NO. The interviewer probably shock by this answer. go google it on how to answer your weakness

my exp-i said lazy because i forgot my point, that's why i didn't get the 2nd interview -.-"

4)if you have job in XXX,would you still want to work at XXX
-this question only comes if in the resume say you live in kelantan but go find job at johor. for me,i said...
"truthfully sir i prefer the one near my house, but as you can see i already give my full commitment by coming in here which mean i don't mind at all and willing to work here. i believe i can give my full focus if i work here"
...enough said?

5)what do you know about this position
-im sorry for the order because i think this one is the second MUST ASK QUESTION. the interviewer would like to know you didn't just click apply on all the job shows on the job advert and hoping to hook one. do research on what the job do,what theoretical and technical skills you have and related with that job,what is the job purpose and such. this one always appear on all my interview T_T

my exp-the 1st interview I only know rough of the job position so i sound like don't know at all. the 2nd interview i know my mistakes and appear to be more confidence on the question. but on the 3rd interview,since they didn't mention what position(they just said engineering department), so they didn't ask,instead they told you what your position purpose is,and so on.

6)expect the unexpected question
-can you swim?or even float?
-what was your father occupation?and tell me in detail!(yes,it did appear in my interview T_T,it was me whose looking for the job not my dad -.-")
-did you perm your hair?(either the interviewer want to mock on my long and curly hair or they excited about it i still don't know -.-")
-what do you think of barca and man u?(this one seems unexpected,but they probably want to know if u r aware of the surrounding coz this topic can be use if ur applying for sales engineer. the "always-people-talk-about" kind of stories(football,wrestling,politics n such) really useful for sales engineer)
-you tell me how did you do in your last job(because i did a job for parkson at 1utama as promoter,so i tell him on how i deal with customer and such)

soo i think thats all?i don't mind if you guys have anything to say or to against my point, well its just to share the thoughts eyh?sorry had to used english,beside in the interview also used english what -.-"


  1. tot of sharing though,yelah ade banyak interbiu nih so better sharing2 sket XD