Monday, June 13, 2011

Review KL Gangster

The grade has been run forth and backward,its in the good range,either B- or B+,or should i put it into B solid?in the end,i decided to say the grade was....

KL Gangster,i give you B+.....

My jaws drop upon the fight scene!it was MAGNIFICENT for the sound system,seriously i should hail the effect for every punch!if im being picky there are certain parts where the timing was a bit off but it doesn't effect at all!the fighting scene had make me scored this movie B+!

Malek just came out from jail after 5 years because of his trusted friend Shark back stabbing him. After he came out from jail Malek wanted to repent but it's not easy as he think. his younger brother,Jai was a fighting machine and has raise his fame among the gangster group in KL,that is the Dragon,King and Shark himself. Malek younger sister too has turn into the dark side(sorry star wars effect here :P). The 2 gangsters in KL,King and Dragon was aware of each territory until Shark made a mess in the King territory for demanding more protection money. His selfless act has made some of King's territory move to Dragon's nest.

Because of the competition between both gangster to own KL,they each want Malek,who was once became famous alongside with King that manage to build King's territory now but Malik has already repent and doesn't want to go back,they want Jai on their team. Even though Jai served under the Dragon's gang, he still feel insufficient towards what Dragon has gave him. This open up Shark's opportunity and he paid Jai more than Dragon,thus Jai now becoming his gang mate. With Jai under his wing,Shark betray his own step-father,King,and rule King territory. He became more insane and want to kill Malek since Malek now has no one to back him up(King always back Malek) and he even threaten Malik's mom and friends. 

Malek's has now become more furious and boiled then before. With grudge he holds up against Shark, his beloved younger brother now working under his enemy and Shark threaten anyone that knew Malik, Malik seek revenge once and for all!

what's good bout this movie?
the sound effect,the gangster attitude and aaron aziz,LOL!but minus the aaron aziz,all character got bad ass attitude. The sound effect from the movie especially the fighting scene makes you want to go inside that screen and punch punch punch!!

the character:
Aaron(malik) manage to show his repent side but also when he enter fighting mode,the gangsterism aura has fill in the screen! his biceps that made him looks more quicker and the punch feel more powerful!the way he spend his scripts are smooth and looks quite real.He can act romance like shyt and he can become a fighter like shyt!nice one

Adi putra manage to show his fighting aura and gangsterism charisma. but the props he used(the ciggs) is not suitable for his charisma. you put the sunglasses is already enough, if he wants to chew something he can go put lolipop, but please not the un-lighted ciggs,seems weird?but damn the fighting scene he own!and with the mustache and beard you can say he IS the bad ass fighting machine!

Syamsul(Shark)....sol sol sol,nice work on the chinese language. he's good, but some of the script sounds real but then it became a bit formal :P. Don't follow your father lah sol,you guys can see the Gerak Khas,its bad when it is all formal language, but Syamsul here is good. But my wish is next time u do the directing and let others be the character,ok?

Ajib...THIS GUY IS AWESOME!you definitely can say that syamsul pick this guy from the real gangster in KL. He master the character well,he deliver the dialect well,he fight like hell and the charisma is nice!his supporting character was much better than syamsul(sorry sol),i really like this guy. Even the bond he have with Aaron also you can feel it.."wa backup lu bro!"

zizan:nice timing for his jokes,not so over and as expected he is the harmony for the scene. so the viewer not feel heavy with the story,he manage to play his role as the joker,nice and funny!

the plot of the story?
was a bit mess. the interval change between one and another is significant. i can't seem to relate of what happen now with before this,seems like it has been pause then cut(probably FINAS work) and it looks quite bad. Some of the scene i think is nonsense. The one at pasar borong especially. the scene that happen at that time was like,why he's so pissed off when it was only small thing -.-",that one was the worst scene :P

the fighting scene was the winner!punching here and there was really good!but gunfight?need to learn to do more. The guns the firing the angle and the period of gunfight was so amateur. ok-oklah but looks bad :P

sound system?
still using dub voice.even Nur Kasih the series, Tiramisu series used surround sound mike,but this dubbing voice just can't make the move go higher grades. I, giving B+ just because of the fight scene and the sound effect. hopefully they can give realistic sound of surrounding. the sound of the gun fight also sounds like shyt. i guess syamsul can't find the right ear to hear it out.

NICE and steady~worth to watch!but not worth to watch if you bringing family and kids,the language is soo langsi!it worth the ringgit spend :D

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