Tuesday, June 14, 2011

when sitcom turns to be a tragic scene

Just finish watch How I Met Your Mother S6 ep 13,where in the end of the episode it was an unexpected twist of plot happen...

before this the HIMYM was all about how Ted tells the story on how he dated few girls before he met his wife now,so its all about finding the chosen one and sort,but on this season 6 episode 13th, Marshall dad was died on heart attack. It was so sudden even when I just watch it felt goosebumps all over me. The story suppose to be sitcom, laugh and cry about relationship, but when that event happen, I start to think and wonder, what if that thing happen to me?to lose my dad in a time I am not expecting it to be?

the few episode shows on how Marshall cope up with his father loss. If I were him, I don't know if I could make it. Reality stings and pain harder than you can imagine. I got this one friend of mine,who lost her father during her studies. She was expecting that one coming but still she have trouble on get through with it.Not to mention her mom,but thankfully she got 2 elder sisters and an older brother to keep the financial family go on. Luckily for her,but in my condition?with Im just about to start my career and my sister who also just found a new job,can i take care of the rest of the family?

I can never see and saw that coming and i ask Allah for not to take my dad yet,just make him live longer and keep him until the day my younger bro grad or have kids(which mean his grand child). Some of the next episode shows that what Marshall respect his father, when his father drove a car on a pitch black with only light from the car and the road was snowy, Marshall himself can't see anything upcoming, but his dad give a wink signaling no problem. But when Marshall was to put on that driver seat, he can't see anything and having trouble to drive forward

Just when he's having trouble with the vision, his imagination father show on the back seat and says he didn't see what coming too, but he kept on driving and hoping for the best. It stuck through my chest hearing those words. You can't predict what happen,you don't know what will happen,but you still have to try and hope for the best. you give a shot and tawakal about it.Marshall dad felt so much like my dad(beside of the hyperacticve),he kept on supporting Marshall. Even though Marshall only talk about good stuff in front of his dad,but my dad always listen to what Im saying,either good news or worst news,and still give support and advice on me.

Maybe my friends seeing me,even me myself saw that I am not matured yet and still clinging to my family support, but I know that one day, that day will arrive and that responsibility will be put on my shoulder. But I kept on praying for it is not too early for him to go.I want my dad to look of what have I become, why I am so rebellious on joining Petronas when I have cable(my uncle) that can put me inside easy?or why not joining Celcom where that was his ex-company?I just want him to see and to prove him that, I can survive my own way. Even though now i got the job with the help of my friend, but I still insist to go on with my way. I want to say I can go whatever roads lies upon me and still make you proud about that, but just be there when im at the top

dude writing this makes me all teary,imagine if i lost him now or before i succeed,that would really sux a lot. You wouldn't know when death is coming, but please don't take him away from me oh Allah :(,not now,not yet.... 

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